About Us

2buntu is a non-profit group of bloggers from around the world. We practice a style of reporting that's off the beaten path and designed for human beings.

Our articles cover a wide-range of different topics. Unity, Mir, Compiz, KDE, Gnome, Firefox, Chrom(ium), and Blender are just some of the many open-source tools and apps we have written about. We provide tutorials, tips, reviews, news, and the occasional rant. (We try to keep the rants to a minimum.)


We're not quite as old as Ubuntu, but our archives span a number of years. Here's a brief overview of how we got our start and what happened after that.

  • 2buntu was founded around March 2011 by Roland Taylor, and later expanded to included the likes of Joshua P. Bell, James Gifford, Nathan Osman, Amith K.K. and Nitin Venkatesh. These six are our current site and community administrators.

  • Our blogging platform was originally a Wordpress-powered blog. We have changed web hosts a number of times - we have used everything from Ondina to Rackspace. Our current blogging engine is a set of custom Django apps hosted on a VPS "in the cloud."

  • The site domain name is owned by Joshua Bell, and the our blogging platform was created by Nathan Osman. Our social networking artwork (as featured on Google+, Twitter and Facebook) was created by Roland Taylor and released as Open Source without a specific license. James Gifford runs our "hotline" and champions our mailing list and server logs.

  • Our tagline, "News For Human Beings," was inspired by "Linux for human beings," the tagline of the Ubuntu project.


The source code for our blogging engine as well as our Android app is located on our GitHub organization page — 2buntu on GitHub.

All content on this blog (unless otherwise noted) is released under a CC BY-SA 4.0 license. If you are interested in reproducing an article that is not licensed for reproduction, please use our contact form to get in touch with us.

Source Code Facts

2buntu is written in Python and uses the Django web framework. The user interface uses Bootstrap 3.

Our articles are written in Markdown and stored in a PostgreSQL database. The Markdown is rendered to HTML and cached with Redis.

Server Facts

This server (sf1.2buntu.com) is running Django 1.10 on Python 3.4.3.

Also, this server is running on commit 0a718cce, which was created by Nathan Osman 7 years, 5 months ago.

2buntu currently has 127 registered users who have written 807 articles. That's a lot of articles!