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So you want to join the 2buntu blog? Excellent! We are a group of bloggers committed to excellence and we want to make sure that everything we publish reflects this excellence in every way possible. Therefore we have put together this guide to help new bloggers get an idea of what type of articles we are looking for and how they can join our team.


Before explaining how 2buntu works, we feel it is important that we describe the type of content that we want and do not want published on 2buntu. Please read through this list carefully.

All content must relate to the Ubuntu operating system in some way. Content that relates to other Linux distributions is allowed so long as the content applies to Ubuntu as well.
Articles must not be too short. Our rule of thumb: the article should consist of at least 60+ lines when rendered in the browser. We value quality over quantity.
Articles must be free from profanity, obscenity, and personal threats. In general, we discourage articles with an overly negative tone (rants, for example). Articles must also refrain from embedding copyrighted content.
We reserve the right to edit any articles as we see fit in order to comply with these guidelines.

Getting Started

The workflow for submitting an article looks something like this:


If this sounds like something you would be interested in, then please click the button below to begin the registration process.