Web Of Trust: Worst Case Of Irony In History

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Roland Taylor
published Nov. 5, 2016, 2:25 p.m.

If you're a Web Of Trust user, now would be good time to remove the addon from your browser and never look back! Why? Because, as it turns out, the developers of this popular browser extension have been selling its users' browser history and possibly other information!

Oh The Irony!

This is an extension that built its popularity on informing its users of which websites could or could not be trusted with their information, and here it is - using that very information without the knowledge of its users.

Well, in an even greater case of irony, WOT has now been removed from Google Chrome's Web Store. That's mighty ironic, seeing as Google also sells user information (search history) and Google Chrome has had its own controversy of recording browser history in private browsing mode!

(Sorry, couldn't find a link to this old issue, but I did witness it when it was an issue).

Mozilla also taking action

Mozilla has also removed the browser extension from the Firefox Addon Repository. The addon doesn't even show up when searching for it.

What Are My Options?

Well, if you're highly concerned about your data:

  • You should employ a more diligent browsing strategy in general, first of all.

  • Don't give your info to any site you don't trust or have not verified.

  • Look for a lock symbol or "https://" in your URL bar before entering login information.

  • Make ample use of ad blockers, such as uBlock Origin.

  • If you are using Firefox, enable tracking protection in your preferences.

  • If you want to protect your IP address, use the Tor Browser (and do not enable Flash).

These are just a few simple tips that can help you to protect your privacy on the web. If you need more info (for Ubuntu users), you can always ask a question on https://askubuntu.com or on one of the many popular Linux forums out there (for everyone else on Linux).

Stay safe!

Source: Ghacks