Move the Unity Launcher to the bottom...

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Joshua Bell
published April 21, 2016, 8:48 p.m.

One of the bigger features in 16.04 (in my opinion) but less obvious is the ability to move the Unity Launcher to the bottom of the screen.

This makes the Unity Launcher feel a little more traditional and in my opinion a lot easier to cope with. (Honestly I have never been a huge fan of unity.)


This can easily be accomplised by running the following command:

gsettings set com.canonical.Unity.Launcher launcher-position Bottom

To reverse it simply run:

gsettings set com.canonical.Unity.Launcher launcher-position Left

I realize that this isn't going to be for everyone, especially for those of you that have become acustom to the launcher being on the left hand side.

But it is nice to once again have the option, and may make new users feel a little more at home.

Of course you can use dconf-editor or Unity Tweek Tool to get the same desired effects but if you know me, I live and die by the command line.