Coming to a Windows 10 Store Near you...

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Joshua Bell
published April 3, 2016, 8:04 p.m.

I call hypocrisy! Oh wait you too!

Okay, okay just hear me out...

Honestly, I delayed this post because I didn't want anyone to think it was a April Fool's joke...

Lets face it...its not like it use to be... Microsoft and Canonical are now playing kiss face with each other... and Linux has made some serious in roads in the tech world. Lets face it, Windows users are using Linux on a day to day basis more and more often and don't even realize it...(IE: Andriod, iOS, SmartTV's, Gaming Consoles, Chromebooks, the list goes on and on).

On the flip side, Microsoft has has recently announced 270 million active Windows 10 users.

So I thought to myself, that is 270 million potiential users that we are not reaching, and how do we do that?

Well my answer was simple...Put our blog, on their computers... How do I propose doing this?

With an official Windows 10 UWP app...


What exactly does that mean? Well UWP is pretty cool (honestly, one app, many platforms IE: Desktop, Tablet, Mobile, Xbox...).

So without further ado, I would like to announce the future and upcoming Windows 10 app.

When can I get it you ask? Well I am not sure exactly as I have only begun the first phases of testing.

Where can you get it? Hopefully soon in the Windows 10 Store.

How much will it cost? Free, as in free beer and ad free, in typical open source fasion.

Will it be Open Source? Maybe, once I figure out what that looks like in the Windows 10 world...

What will it look like? Well I made every effort to match the general theme of our Andriod app but also leverage the power of the UWP platform. So while it will be familar for our Andriod users, it will also provide a unique and desirable feature set to our Windows fans.

Why can't I get this on Windows 8.x? Simply because I do not like it, and you seriously need to upgrade if you are still rocking Windows 8.x, but I won't point any fingers or name any names...

Where can I find more information? Right here..I mean not here literally, I mean I will let everyone know once it hits the store officially.