Update on Openshot 2.0 Review

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Roland Taylor
published April 3, 2016, 1:42 p.m.

Well, after trying to edit a short clip in Openshot 2.0 (latest beta), for about half and hour, I repeatedly ran into a major show stopper.

It literally uses all of the available CPU resources (all logical cores).

This occurs if you:

  • Try to watch or preview a clip more than once.
  • Try to select a position on the timeline.
  • Look at it (Openshot 2.0) with your eyes... I mean seriously just sit and look at it for a few minutes and poof - useless.

As a result of this major roadblock, I've been unable to actually use it for anything useful. I'll still be giving a general review of the changes made to the UI and workflow, and I do have good news (from a prior beta that was mildly useful).

However, at this point, it seems I'll be stuck until Openshot 2.0 matures a little more. Also, I'll have to downgrade to 1.4, something I was hoping to avoid... but I do have work to do.