Canonical Announces Ubuntu Windows Remix, To Become Full Ubuntu Flavour

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Roland Taylor
published March 31, 2016, 2:53 p.m.

If you weren't sure the world is ending, Canonical and Microsoft have completely sealed the deal this time.

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Just one day after Microsoft announced the unthinkable - Linux (well, Bash, mainly) on Windows, Canonical has announced a new, mixed-source spin of the Ubuntu you know and love, with a Windows 10 interface (including the good ole' start menu, Cortana, and even Widgets ala Windows 7 and Vista), running on top of a Linux kernel and (some) Linux userspace. This means users will be able to run both Windows and Linux applications on a Linux-based operating system, with a familiar Windows interface, but without the hassle of using Wine.

Yes, you read that right. Wine is not involved.

In case you were wondering "Will I still be able to use apt-get install x?", the answer is yes, and no. You will be able to install all of your favourite Linux applications as per usual, along with a select number of applications and games (including Halo, which yes, you have to pay for) from the command line or Gnome Software. However, many popular Windows applications are not available to be installed in this manner as yet. You will still have to download the exe and run through the installation. However, Canonical has provided a MSI to Click-Package conversion tool to help with the process.

The first available build of Ubuntu Windows Remix is expected to be released along with Ubuntu 16.04, and will require a pair of DVDs or a single 32GB flash drive to install.