WARNING: Sourceforge has gone ROGUE!

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Roland Taylor
published May 28, 2015, 12:49 p.m.

This is not a joke.

First it was GIMP For Windows, now as others are reporting, Sourceforge has turned evil and is now distributing adware and malware with open source software. If you use Sourceforge for any downloads, stop. If you've got Sourceforge links, take them down.

Again, this is not a joke.

It's one thing for a company to try to get profitable and make some moolah. Anyone with a brain usually wants to do this. Even open source software developers need money to eat, have a roof over their heads, and enjoy the bling like everyone else. However, distributing adware, locking others out of their own projects (to ensure this), etc, is just unacceptable. Whoever is responsible at Sourceforge should be ashamed and the site should be boycotted.

This also serves as a warning to open source projects - don't depend too heavily on third party kindness, because it can come back to bite you - and without warning.