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The Fat Lady Sings

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Roland Taylor
published Dec. 17, 2013, 8:22 a.m.

Opera may have dropped Linux, but then it doesn't matter.

Ever since Opera (disappointingly) switched to basing its code off Chromium/Blink, we Linux users have waited patiently for Linux support to return to this not-so-relevant browser that once revolutionized the web with tabbed browsing and a MDI interface. The frustration with Opera for not supporting Linux in their latest builds has merit, but if we are honest, it shouldn't matter. The truth is, Opera Software no longer cares about Linux very much (evidenced by the lack of Linux builds in Opera Next and the refusal to give any useful updates on the issue). Opera Next won't even run on Wine (yes it's that bad).

Just like Google, Opera Software only cares about Linux when it works for them. Just as we never got (and never will get) a Google Drive client because Google has Chrome/ium OS and Android to care about, we are never going to get Opera for Linux (okay, maybe we will but not any time soon), because they have Android, Windows, and Mac. However, Opera Software is shooting itself in the foot. Just as Google did.

The fact is, while Linux may still seem irrelevant to the ignorant masses (ignorant meaning those not knowing any better; it is not an insult), it is clearly very relevant to some big players in technology these days. From Samsung to Intel to Valve, big names are beginning to see that the future of technology doesn't lie in the larger than <s>life</s> reality domination of Windows, or the reality-distortion-field-led drones of Mac OS, but in the distributed wonder of an open source operating system that pulls its contributions and power from a world of sources.

It is over. The Fat Lady is singing. Only, it's not game over for Linux. Our game is just starting. Opera, Google, count your chickens. They're about to hatch. Just pray that they don't hatch too late when you realize the rest of the world is way ahead of you.