Remove games from Steam

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published Oct. 11, 2014, 12:17 a.m.

With lots of games coming to Ubuntu your Steam library can get cluttered with games you never play.

Some of them may be bad games you regret buying in the first place. Of course you can hide them, but did you know you can also completely remove games from your Steam account? You won't see any option on Steam itself thus the only way around this is by contacting the Steam support.

To contact the support you can't use your normal Steam account but need a seperate account. Once logged in you'll have to create a new ticket. In the first step fill in the game you wish to remove and since Steam doesn't have an appropriate category for this use "Account Issues > Suspended/restricted account" for "Type of Problem".

Removing a Steam game.

Now a second step will appear where you can fill in the subject and your question.

Don't forget to replace the italic text...


Termination of Full game name

Your Question:

Hello Steam Support,

Hereby I request the complete removal of the game "Full game name" from my account.

I realize that I will not receive a refund, that the game will be permanently and completely removed from my Steam account and that I will no longer be able to re-download or utilize the title on Steam.



That's basically it, there's a chance the first reply will give you information about how to hide the game. By sending the same message again with a sentence clarifying that you want to remove and not hide the game all should go well.