Saucy Salamander Released

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Nathan Osman
published Oct. 17, 2013, 7:58 p.m.

Today is no ordinary day. At least, it's not an ordinary day if you work for Canonical or enjoy celebrating release milestones. As of today, Ubuntu 13.10 is now the latest Ubuntu release available for download. Time to throw confetti and launch fireworks.

Okay, you can put the confetti away now.

Chances are pretty good that very few people woke up this morning saying "Hooray! Ubuntu 13.10 has been released." This isn't an LTS release, so nobody is going to be upgrading their servers anytime soon. Some of the desktop users who are upgrading to Saucy have also been running it for the past few months anyway - not a big change.

For the curious, the biggest change in Saucy is probably the upgrade to Gnome 3.8. However, if you aren't using Gnome, this probably doesn't mean much to you. I have a package in the archives (StackApplet) that received a long overdue update, so there are a few changes in this release.

What do you think? Is there a new special feature that you really appreciate? Let us know in the comments below.