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uTouch Styled Icons with a "touch" of awesome

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Roland Taylor
published June 11, 2013, 11:27 a.m.


See that? It's called Beauty, and it's the work of none other than Georgi "Me4oslav" Karavasilev (of Unity Tweak Tool fame). Featuring icons for some of the most common apps (with more being added daily), this promises to be a winner of an icon theme (new Faenza anyone?).


Originally for Android, these icons can be used for any OS, and possibly on your Ubuntu Desktop (should someone (maybe you) write the theme definition file.

When can you get it? Well, not yet, but likely soon. You can already get individual icons, but at this point, I've chosen not to share a link until Georgi gives the all clear (so you can't try and whine ;).

Until then, you can follow progress on Google+ by circling Georgi Karavasilev

When the time is right, I'll post a link to this new icon theme for you to enjoy.

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