12.10 Has a Name: Quantal Quetzal

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James Gifford
published April 23, 2012, 9 a.m.

Mark Shuttleworth has annouced the next Ubuntu Releases' (12.10) name: Quantal Quetzal. <!--more-->

As <a href="http://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/1121">was posted on his blog</a>, 12.10 (Hereafter reffered to as "Q") will have some cool changes:

<blockquote>From a styling point of view, we think in terms of quadruples: this next release starts a cycle of four, which will culminate in 14.04 LTS. So there? an opportunity to refresh the look. That will kick off <strong>with a project on typography</strong> to make sure we are expressing ourselves with crystal clarity ?making the most of Ubuntu? Light and Medium font weights for a start. <strong>And a project on iconography, with the University of Reading</strong>, to refine the look of apps and interfaces throughout the platform. It? amazing <strong>how quaint the early releases of Ubuntu look compared to the current style</strong>. And we?e only just getting started! In our artistic explorations we want to embrace tessellation as an expression of the part-digital, part-organic nature of Ubuntu. We love the way tessellated art expresses both the precision and reliability of our foundations, and the freedom and collaboration of a project driven by people making stuff for people. There? nothing quixotic in our desire to make Ubuntu the easiest, steadiest, and most beautiful way to live digitally.</blockquote>

<sub>Emphasis mine</sub>

In short, Ubuntu is going to try and make the "P" in Precise into a "Q" for quaility. I'm excited for this coming cycle, and look forward to what the Ubuntu community comes up with.