Microsoft's dirty tricks: Secure Boot

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Amith KK
published Dec. 3, 2011, 11:19 p.m.

I know this is sort of late but...

We've all probably heard of the new "SecureBoot" feature which is needed on every Windows-8 Certified computer.

Ok, alot of us thinks "Its for Protection against Activation hacks and Viruses"

Think again....... Was there any activation system which cannot be hacked?

If there is anything Microsoft(And all companies that produce Paid software) learnt about piracy in the last decade or two. It would be nothing is unhackable.

Ok, want examples? iOS Siri: Hacked using SiriProxy Windows XP,Vista,and seven : Hacked, Hacked and Hacked

The only other use for a system like this would be... you guessed it. to deter users from installing other OS'es

And believe me, Most new users would never DARE to disable something with "Secure" in its name.