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Pyrenamer, Go Ubuntu!
July 11, 2011, 12:32 p.m. by Allan Shand

I have tried out quite a few different apps or in the olden days they used to be called programs. Mainly because you can and I don't just mean that there free but also because of the knowledge that if a program has managed to get into the Ubuntu/Debian repositories its a fair bet that its not going to nuke your computer. Nothing is guaranteed but I don't know of any spyware in Ubuntu unless you class Cheese Spyware..... Hmmm. I have found some real gems which have made the decision to "go Ubuntu" a really good one. One of these is PyRenamer.

[important]Its one of those programs where you can see they had a really difficult time coming up with a cool name, but its a program written in python that renames files so what would you call it. If you have any better suggestions put it in the comments[/important]

Its not a program that you will use very often I use it maybe once a week but it does the job when you need it and it saves a bucket load of time. On top of all that it's a gui so no hunting the internet for how 2's and regular expression stuff, which I willguarantee will be written in "Wookee" and I'm not Han Solo (Bubble Burst).

Any way here is a nice big sexy..... screenshot of PyRenamer in action but as this is only an image it can't really capture the full power and dynamism of PyRenamer in action a cheetah in full flow comes only close.....

[caption id="attachment_1280" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="You can just feel the potential"]<a href=""><img src="" /></a>[/caption]


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