March 2011

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Dear Microsoft. Written by Roland Taylor 3 years ago

If your server hangs up while I'm signing in with emesene just one more time, I'm calling antitrust on you. Thanks for listening :)! [caption id="attachment_124" align="aligncenter" width="433" caption="argh!!!"][/caption]

Ubuntu has been forked. No seriously... Written by Roland Taylor 3 years ago

Mark Shuttlerocket emailed me just now to inform me of something I never quite saw coming. Ubuntu, the OS we all know and, like, has been forked. No, this is not some New Spin, it's a fork. Tired of providing a desktop/netbook/server mix, Shuttlerocket has given me full ownership, and told me to make the OS be cloud only, like ChrackOS from Gougle. Still not convinced? Screenshot or it didn't happen? [caption id="attachment_119" align="aligncenter" width="220" caption="screenshot. it happened."][image:2buntu.png][/caption] As you ...

Grabbing Natty (11.04) beta Written by Roland Taylor 3 years ago

The beta for Ubuntu Natty Narwhal (what a name) has just been released, and as you guessed, I'm grabbing the isos! I suggest you use bittorrent, and if possible, get both 64bit and 32bit isos, so if a friend wants either you can give them ;). I'm going to be testing it out soon and seeing what's new and what's hot (and what's not). Hopefully I'll be able to upgrade my system soon.

What would you like to see? Written by Roland Taylor 3 years ago

I know this site is yet young, but nothing beats feedback. What do you want to see?

Finally, a fix for that Skype nightmare (still not using it though) Written by Roland Taylor 3 years ago

Are you long time Ubuntu user with a system you've groomed and upgrade for years? Have you also been using Skype, in all its (lack) of glory? Are you running on 64bit awesomeness? Well then you've probably experienced the same kind of turmoil that I have. Apart from being one of the worst pieces of proprietary software I've ever used, Skype gets updates every time we get a new shade of blue moon. Something along the lines of never. Not ...

Browser Showdown Written by Roland Taylor 3 years ago

Update! [polldaddy poll=4803536] Vote for your favourite browser! The poll won't close until the reviews are completed ;) Soon to come: I'll be doing a massive, extensive review of multiple browsers. As a web developer, it's generally important to me to know what works and what doesn't, what looks good and what looks like crap, etc. However, for users, many of the things that matter to developers, either don't matter at all, or matter in very different ways. For this, ...

Cool blog with mockups and themes for GNOME Written by Roland Taylor 3 years ago

I found a cool blog on with mockups and themes for GNOME Desktop. Now I haven't contacted the owner of this blog, but I would guess it's okay to link to it, so, here's a link:   Now the only problem is, most of these cool themes become useless in GNOME 3. Thankfully, we don't really need to care (ubuntu users), because Ubuntu 11.04 will not be using GTK+ 3.x :)!

Want custom categories in Synapse? Vote! Written by Roland Taylor 3 years ago

I don't generally like pilfering news/links from other people - but Andrew from Webupd8 posted something I think everyone could look into. Categories in Synapse! Now, it's not a feature (yet), but it might be - and you can make it happen. To vote, just follow this link:

A bit quiet Written by Roland Taylor 3 years ago

Sorry that I have been a bit quiet. Been busy customizing firefox and being busy irl :D! I'm going to post on some of my customizations in the coming days. Just wanted to get noscript to stop blocking everything (that's what it's supposed to do but it does it too well).

1000 Words... Written by Roland Taylor 3 years ago

Says the picture.

Firefox 4 is out (officially) (a bit late from me). Written by Roland Taylor 3 years ago

Sorry I'm late, but Firefox 4 is out! Now, I could go on and on about the new features, but instead, I suggest you download it and see for yourself.

LibreOffice Idea (not a mockup, yet) Written by Roland Taylor 3 years ago

The problem: Currently LibreOffice does a wonderful job (out the box) of suggesting complete words that you may have typed before, fixing bad spelling and typos, and underlining text with squiggly red lines. However, it does not do the same out the box with grammar. In fact, it seems quite unaware that "I are an baboon" - is incorrect in every which way, or that "estamos yo bien mucho mas" makes 0% sense. To many of us advanced users that's ...

Seeking Skype Alternatives Written by Roland Taylor 3 years ago

Title says it all. I've already found stuff that works, like Ekiga, Gajim (bit tricky), etc. However, if you have a really good alternative, post it in the comments ^^!

Firefox 4 Released. Well... sorta Written by Roland Taylor 3 years ago

A new Firefox has left the pen! Looks like a lot of fields will be burning. Since a million and one other blogs have already covered it, I won't go into grand detail - but I will tell you to keep your eyes on Technically Firefox also hasn't actually been released officially, so it makes no sense for me to link to the FTP styled downloads I've seen elsewhere. So, until tomorrow, those of you who haven't been testing... ...

Gnome being partial? (Cursor Theme issue) Written by Roland Taylor 3 years ago

I found a rather annoying bug in GNOME. While I have a load of cursor themes on my system, GNOME's appearance properties doesn't seem to see them all. I made a question askubuntu about it, which as of yet is unanswered (which reminds me to add some more detail). After noting that the theme I was trying to use works in LXDE, I decided to take a trip to my treasured friend's abode: gconf. To get there, press alt+f2, type ...

Seeking a project to document Written by Roland Taylor 3 years ago

In the world of Open Source, software often tends to be about form or function, and rarely, both. Even when both are considered and done well, one thing often tends to be missing.   Documentation - Good documentation. I dare even say - proper documentation.   With this in mind, I've taken it upon myself to seek projects with missing Docs, but a friendly developer/community - and contribute some good user docs to them. For now, I've started with emesene ...

Why I love Ubuntu 11.04 Written by Roland Taylor 3 years ago

Compiz!!! (nuff said)

Want to contribute to 2buntu? Written by Roland Taylor 3 years ago

If you are a good writer, active in the ubuntu community, and, well, have some free time, and would like to contribute to this spanking (spanking what? or who?) new blog, leave me a comment, or better yet, contact me through my page: I have yet to set up a shared email for this blog, so until then, direct contact will be the only method. You can also contact me on askubuntu btw. It's a great place to ...

GTK3.x and the future - a quick (if personal) outlook Written by Roland Taylor 3 years ago

With the coming GNOME3 Revolution, displacing many innocent (but old) blocks of code (poor things), a lot will be changing quickly in the world of GTK based computing. The first thing I'm excited about (did I mention I'M excited?) is support for multiple backends (there's even an HTML5 backend! O.o - in the blacksmith's workshop) With GTK3, GTK+ gets a whole lot faster thanks to the removal of old vitamin C tablets - aka deprecated code, and some other major ...

GNOME HAS BEEN FORKED! OH... MY... -_- duh... Written by Roland Taylor 3 years ago

We all knew this was coming, after the GNOME-Shell failasco cough*. GNOME has been forked! Well, the old GNOME, to be precise. Or to be even more accurate for the sake of being correct - if redundant - the panel, metacity, and a few other components - have been forked into no drumroll please: EXDE Yes, the name... um... sucks (is it ex- desktop environment? As in ex-girlfriend DE?). At least the roadmap is pretty (as pretty as walls of ...